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On the day that you were born, five ArchAngels were assigned to you. Yes, You! They are all around you watching and subtly guiding you. Reverend Ivy can help you connect and open to your Angel’s blessing, love and guidance. Contact us for Angel and Physchic Readings.

Angel Readings

At Ivy Clairvoyant, we provide you with a five-point angel healing talisman that is specifically for you. You'll receive all the information you need to contact and start working with your angel guides. We even send out an angel message with your first contact. Angels are available to anyone - just ask.


Reverend Ivy looks at your energy body and sees where you may have an imbalance that is affecting your life and/or health. Restoring the flow and balance of your Aura and chakras feels fantastic. A Psychic Healing can help you to reconnect with your Highest Self and to get back in the flow of your life.


Numerology provides information that is specific to you. We help you find clarity in your life with this useful tool. Gain insight into your own personal patterns, and take control of your happiness.

Spiritual Healing and Meditation


Reiki is an ancient healing technique that can be performed over long distances. Our psychics have worked with this ancient system for many years and know how to use it to provide healing. Reiki is also a great tool for gaining clarity about your life and body.


Throwing runes is a time-honored technique for discovering what lies ahead. At Ivy Clairvoyant, we use the ancient runes of Eldin. Our psychics throw the runes for you and let you access the wisdom of the ancients.

I Ching

I Ching is an ancient Chinese oracle that can be accessed to provide useful, personal guidance in difficult situations. We provide I Ching readings to help customers find their true paths.

House and Business Healing

Do you feel stagnant energy at home? Is business getting stale? Celebrate the changes and clear the energy space. Ivy can clearly read your place and give it a good energy scrub.

Pet Communication

Reverend Ivy can open the space and facilitate communication with your animal. It becomes a lovely healing for all involved. Please book now to settle your issues and invite peace.

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